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J. O'Quigley and R. Xu:
Inference for the Cox Model under proportional and non-proportional hazards
 Abstract 3


D. Keržič:
Metric approach to property prediction
 Abstract 23
S. Bodjanova:
Fuzzy partitions
 Abstract 39
A. Mrvar and V. Batagelj:
Relational Calculator - a tool for analyzing social networks
 Abstract 63


G. Coenders and M. Saez:
Collinearity, heteroscedasticity and outlier diagnostics in regression. Do they always offer what they claim?
  Abstract 79
P. Tominc and L. Bele Tominc:
Some aspects of differences between L1 and L2 criteria in the linear switching regression
  Abstract 95
D. Gregori:
Some notes on evaluating the prediction error for the generalized estimating equations
  Abstract 107
J. Stare, H. Heinzl, and F. Harrell:
On the use of Buckley and James least squares regression for survival data
  Abstract 125
H. Heinzl:
Dangers of using 'optimal' cutpoints in the evaluation of cyclical prognostic factors
  Abstract 135


D. Krebs, M. Berger, and A. Ferligoj:
Approaching achievement motivation - comparing factor analysis and cluster analysis
  Abstract 147
J.M. Batista-Foguet, R. Mendoza, M. Pérez-Perdigón, and R. Rius:
Life-styles of Spanish school-aged children: their evolution over time. Use of multiple correspondence analysis to determine overall trends over time in a sequential, cross-sectional study
  Abstract 173
V. Žabkar:
Some methodological issues with structural equation model application in relationship quality context
  Abstract 211
D. Šabić, E.H. Lojović, and A. Tretjak:
Quality assessment of the statistical land cover/use GIS of Slovenia-state'97
  Abstract 227
L. Bregar, I. Ograjenšek, and M. Bavdaž:
Teaching economic statistics in a digital environment
  Abstract 237